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It started when our founder, Megan, stumbled across a word. 

The word is livsnjutare, and although she did not know how to pronounce it, she embraced the word's meaning as a challenge and a goal for her life.

What is a livsnjutare

It's a noun. A human to be more specific. A person who loves life deeply and lives it to the extreme.

Sounds a bit intense...

It doesn't have to be. Living fully comes in many forms. For some it may be traveling the world, for others it may be trying a new coffee at the local cafe.


Go Way Beyond exists so that wherever you go, and how ever you get there, you can discover opportunities to explore, celebrate, and protect our wild, wonderful world.

Megan and Joey Ferryman sitting together on the edge of a cliff
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Megan sitting on a cliff edge in Monument Valley during a cross country road trip in 2019
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Megan rock climbing with friends in Ijams Nature Center
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Megan and her bay Thoroughbred gelding clearing a fence on cross country competing in three day even
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Megan and Joey standing by a stone wall over looking the towns of Cinque Terre while backpacking thr
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Megan posing in a empty gravel road near the trails in the Red River Gorge
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Megan and Joey standing on the top of the rocks at the end of the Charlie's Bunion trail in the Grea
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A sunrise on the Blue Ridge Parkway outside of Asheville, North Carolina where the clouds covered th
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Megan sporting Fair Trade clothing and gear prior to speaking to students at the University of Kentu
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Megan smiling as she leads her horse Arioso off the cross country field after a successful ride in a
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Megan and Joey smiling in a rooftop restaurant in New York City in December 2019
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Ava the tan and white puppy frolicking through a field
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Expertise and Excellence

Megan's educational and professional career has been centered around environmental and social innovation as a means of growth and progress. A graduate of the University of Kentucky (UK), Megan holds a degree in Marketing and Management with a minor in Sociology. She was in the first cohort of the Social Enterprise Scholars Program, an undergraduate concentration focused on using business, innovation, and collaboration to create positive change for the environment and communities locally, nationally, and internationally. In 2018, Megan and a team competed at the Global Social Innovation Challenge in San Diego, California and received the award for the Highest Potential Global Impact for a startup out of a pool of over 250 international competitors.

Megan founded the Fair Trade Campaign at the University of Kentucky and served as President for two years. During that time, she developed grant proposals for research and campaign support, presented on equitable sustainability practices across the campus and in the Lexington community, and examined Fair Trade practices in Costa Rica. Megan advocated for and secured the passage of a university-wide Fair Trade Resolution with official backing from The Office of Sustainability, Presidential Sustainability Advisory Committee, Head of Purchasing, UK Barnes and Noble Bookstore, UK Dining, Faculty Senate, and the President's office. This resolution marked the University of Kentucky the largest Fair Trade Campaigns designated university in the Southeastern United States. 


More about Megan

Megan was raised in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, spending much of her childhood outside exploring. She currently serves as the Brand and Program Development Coordinator at Harmony Family Center and teaches Therapeutic Horseback Riding lessons at Harmony's Montvale facility. In her spare time, Megan trains off-the-track Thoroughbreds for three-day eventing, climbs big rocks, and explores new trails alongside her husband, Joey, and dog, Ava Bean.

Enough about us though; we want to hear how you Go Way Beyond each day.

Questions, comments, suggestions on where to go next?

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